Sunday, July 25, 2010


Welcome to the Bright-Minded Home. Our goal is to learn the secrets to creating beautiful, healthy, and energy-efficient homes and share those findings with you. We'll be asking homeowners, energy experts, authors, architects, builders, and all of you how to create a smart and comfortable home of any size and style.

As well, in a companion column in Maine Home + Design I'll  be interviewing the owners of energy-efficient homes around Maine to find out which systems and techniques are proving smartest.

I'll also be sure to touch on the less tangible qualities that make a home feel like home--everything from the grace of morning sunlight at the breakfast table, and my husband's love of lighting a fire in the fireplace, to the sound of my children's voices when playing make believe.  I hope you'll share your own such moments and secrets here, too.

We welcome your feedback, input, and suggestions.

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